WordPress doesn’t fetch your stats???

WordPress.com Stats

WordPress.com Stats

You changed your WordPress theme and found that no longer WordPress.com stats catching or collecting stats for your site as shown in the image below. Frustrated and want to revert back to old theme?

I’d say, “Don’t worry; there is a way to overcome this problem”.

Stats plug-in looks for <?php wp_footer();> tag in your theme, before <body ?> tag. If your new theme doesn’t have this tag then Stats plug-in will not collect stats. you can manually add this tag or you can go to Design -> Theme Editor -> Footer

Look for the tag <body>. Your theme must have a call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> at the very bottom right before the <body> tag.

That’s it now your stats plug-in will fetch stats for you :).

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  1. That’s a cool tip. was banging my head b4 some1 said 2 change my theme.

  2. Thanks Ravi :)



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