WordPress as a Community Network Site

BuddyPress logo

Yeah, it’s not a joke. Soon you will be able to change your WordPress MU into a community network site, with the help of BuddyPress.

The standard features of BuddyPress are:

  • Extended Profiles
  • Personal Blog
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • The Wire
  • Status Updates
  • Albums

BuddyPressAndy Peatling developed it. Now he has joined automattic, so it’s kinda took over by the Automattic . Automattic gonna release this BuddyPress very soon and as we can see community is everything over the internet these days.

Though it’s not officially released, you can download a copy of BuddyPress from SVN. You may refer their installation guide as well.

Another hi five for WordPress!

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    Thankx Ravi, it’s now corrected!


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