Ultimatum Theme shows empty screen

If you don’t know what is Ultimatum Theme is you should head over to their web and get a license for yourself. Ultimatum theme allows you to create dynamic complex magazine styled WordPress themes with almost no coding. When I first used it, I was amazed by the world of opportunities presented by the framework.

Let me come to the point. Most of the new users often complain that they followed the guide and installed the theme and activated it but still they get an empty screen in the home page. Reason is that, you need to understand how the framework thinks and works.

Ultimatum theme comes with a basic template which has almost nothing. For the ultimatum theme to show something on the screen you need to set the theme as default (You need to do the same for layout too)

Follow the steps to set  your default template and layout

  1. Open the Ultimatum menu on left pane
  2. Select Templates
  3. Hover over the template you see (Mostly the basic template)
  4. Select “Set Default
  5. Now again select Layout
  6. Now you will be presented with available layouts
  7. Hover over it again
  8. Select Set Default agin


That’s it now it should show you the contents of your web. If it’s still giving out trouble comment below, I’ll try to help you out.

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