Rename Android Project’s Package Name

Android applications are uniquely identified using the package name. So you must not name your application’s package name to something like “a.b.c” as there is a high possibility someone else too named that way. Read this question at StackOverFlow to learn more about android package naming convention.

In case u started a project with silly package name and you want to rename it to something meaningful. This task can be easily done in Eclipse.

Procedure has 2 main tasks

Refactor in Eclipse

  1. first right click on the package name and choose re-factor and then choose re-name. Now type your name and click OK.
  2. Second task is open your manifest file and search for your old package name. When ever you encounter your old package name, change it to new package name.
  3. Third Save the project and run the project. All good to go now.

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