Jelly Bean Update for Nexus S is Available in SL

Finally Jelly Bean is available to users in Sri Lanka for Nexus S via OTA. We have already seen enough previews and videos on YouTube on both Jelly Bean and Nexus S. Most interesting feature is the Google Now.

As usual it has problem recognizing our Sri Lankan English accent, but change the language to English UK and try it out. It seems to work better for English UK when we use Sri Lankan accent. It happen to work for some Sri Lankan context questions. Check out the image below. Also it gives update about Colombo’s weather when asked.

Google knows our President

Butter smooth UI (Project Butter) is not really happening in Nexus S. It may need more powerful processor I guess.

Finally perfect system wide support for Tamil is enabled in Jelly Bean. Tamil support was given in ICS but it was incomplete and some application couldn’t show Tamil properly as rendering was failing. But with Jelly Bean Tamil support is perfect.

Sinhala language is being ignored this time too. So bad Google doesn’t bothered about the dominant language spoken in Sri Lanka. I hope manufactures such as Samsung and Sony Ericson will add support for Sinhala. They have added support to Tamil even when Google was not supporting Tamil. So there is always possibilities available.

Hindi users will have more advantage in Jelly Bean as they have built in Hindi keyboard. Others have to download keyboard applications for their language from Play Store.

All in all I love the update and the smoothness it brought to the phone. Keep the game going Google! Good job done.

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