Jap’s Attack On Ceylon – Android App

Firstly, this is not an English app. This app is in Tamil Language (My mother tounge) spoken mainly in India and Sri Lanka. This app is for History lovers who intends to know the effect of WWII in Sri Lanka aka Ceylon before independence.

I used the CSS technology to show Tamil script in this app. As we know there is no Tamil support in Android yet, not even to Hindi. So I left with CSS method where I embed an external TSCII font in the app.

WARNING: This app will not work in 2.1 as there is a known bug with Android’s default browser. Browser wont be able to render CSS to show external fonts. Tested on both 1.6, 2.3.3 it worked like magic.

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You can download the app from market or alternatively can use the QR code below.

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  1. Hi Mayu, I am a complete beginner in Android application development. To make it worse, I am bad at coding and comp languages too. I was planning to make a Hindi application through Buzztouch – that’s what I have been using to learn application development. But it resulted in just boxes. Can you tell me what needs to be done?

  2. I can’t imagine you hailing a game which bombards your own country. Be a true Sri Lankan. Love your country. Be ashamed of this kind of things.

    • I can’t imagine there are still narrow minded Sri Lankans like you live in Sri Lanka. People like you spoiled the country and will continue to spiol it. Good luck with it buddy.

      first this is no game, reference application, second it does not hail anyone.

  3. Hi Mayu,

    May I know which .ttf you are using? mind to share it? because I can’t display a proper tamil font.. any advice/suggestion?


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