Part 1 : Installing Ultimatum Theme Builder

So I’ve decided to write up a series on Ultimatum Theme Builder. Ultimatum Theme builder is a drag and drop theme builder on top of WordPress with almost no coding skills. Yeap you heard it right, you don’t have to know coding to develop WordPress them with ultimatum theme builder.

Let’s begin by setting the prerequisites.

  1. WordPress instance installation
  2. Ultimatum Theme development license.

Ok, Just head over to Ultimatum Theme site and login. Once you login you’ll be given a download (approx 5MB) to download. That zip file is the core of Ultimatum theme.

Go to Appearance => Themes => Add New => Upload

Now select the zip file downloaded from Ultimatum theme site and upload it. Once the upload is completed you will get a screen as below.


Click "Activate"

Click “Activate”

Click Activate in the next screen presented to you. After that if you visit the site, you will see an empty screen. Don’t panik, we are yet to create our theme.

Empty screen presented after activating Ultimatum Theme

Empty screen presented after activating Ultimatum Theme

We have completed 50% of our journey. More exciting stuffs are yet to come though :)

Activating the license

As you know Ultimatum Theme is a premium theme builder, so they’ve enabled certain mechanisms to make sure that people doesn’t pirate their software. Follow the steps below to enable the license on your WordPress installation.

  1. Click Ult.Toolset below Dashboard menu
  2. On the right side, enter your Ultimatum’s credentials

Once you successfully login, it’ll automatically authenticate your license and let you manage your Ultimatum Theme as well as the free goodies they provide (including premium sliders, font face etc.)

Once you are successfully logged in, you will get a screen as blow



Just one more thing before moving into next section. Once you authenticate your credentials, you need to install the core plugin for Ultimatum framework. as shown in the screen below click the plugins section and install the “Ultimatum library”.

click "install"

click “install”

Once the library plugin is installed, activate it by pressing the activate link

activate ultimatum plugin

All good, Let’s proceed to next section :)


Child Themes

Child themes are basically a concept introduced in WordPress to make a copy of your theme and work on top of it. So when you update your mother theme the minor changes, tweaks you made in your child theme will not be lost. Think of child theme as a copy of your primary theme. Usage of the child theme is also will help us to keep the primary theme unspoiled and fresh 😛

Don’t worry you don’t have to install any third party plug-ins to create child theme as latest version of the Ultimatum theme provides you necessary tools to create child themes.  Follow the steps below.

Click “Ultimatum” in the menu and select “Templates”.

On the top, click “Create Child Theme”



Then you will be presented with the following screen. Fill in the details, I’ve named it as “Hot WordPress”



Click “Save”

Now once again navigate to Appearance => Themes and select the child theme we just created and activate it. Ok now we are ready to create our first theme. Let’s do it in the next part of this series.

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