Hosting for my clients

People often ask me how much do I charge for hosting for my clients. Providing hosting for my clients is not something very much excited to do. When I say the amount I charge, normally people would go “NO NO, That is way too much mate”.

Usually you would be able to provide them a hosting service as low as $5 per month. But I never do that. I always add some premium value to the hosting when providing hosting services.

Support is a headache

Believe me or not, hosting related support is a headache. Users might end up deleting their own databases or even their own site. I’ll have to dig through and recover the site and restore it for them. You can’t do these kind of work for just $5 per month.

WordPress developers charge more than $5/hour. Reputed people charge more than $100/month. So don’t be shy to charge as much as $25 / month for the hosting.

Where to buy reseller hosting

There are many hosting providers providing reseller hosting. But my personal choice is hostgator. I like their customer support. They will always be able to resolve most of the common issues my clients make in the server. But please note that their service standards are deteriorating over last couple of years. Cpanel powered hosting dashboards are easy to use. So probably you need to check with your reseller company whether they provide cpanel access to your users.

But Hostgator is not the end of the world. There are other providers too. Following are some of the recommended hosting providers.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Namecheap
  3. Go Daddy

Wanna set up email?

Fore sure you can set-up emails for your clients using third party email servers running on your server. But never ever do that. Once I did so for one of my clients. I even bought VPS to set it up for them. But the end result was disaster.  VPS started to go down and there were complains about processor usage by the hosting company etc etc. As the result client end up losing couple emails he suppose to receive.

Finally Google apps came to help. If your client asks for email set-up then go for Google apps. Most of the users are very much used to Gmail interface so they won’t have problem getting along with it. Beside email, they can use other services such as Google Docs and Google Drive in Google apps. So if you ever have to set up email then go for Google Apps.

As I said earlier, If your client ask you set up Hosting services don’t charge anything below $25. In a way, it’s a win win for both you and the client. Happy hosting folks :)

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  1. I do not offer web development services but I do provide re-seller hosting for people. Mostly small and medium size enterprises. I know exactly what you are talking here :)

    • IKR :) Good luck for your all ventures Chris.


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