Google Doodle Pac Man

Every day Google came up wit different doodles. Today it is pacman game :)

I played couple of games he he lols

Google has transformed the home page of its search engine in to a game of Pac-Man. The usual Google logo has been replaced by a playable version of the popular 1980s video game, in which small yellow Pac-Men must travel around a maze, gobbling up dots while trying to avoid the ghosts. Shapes within the maze spell out “Google”.

Now PACMAN is no longer available on google home page. if you want you can play PaC Man at

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  1. Whats your best score ? I tried and found I have lost form since last played (which was abt 28 years back I think) ;>)

  2. My score is 6350 😉 not tough for a part time gamer :)


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