Google Coder : Raspberry Pi – Step by step guide

So you got your Raspberry pi and installed at least the recommended OS Raspian and played around with it. Few days back internet giant Google released something called “Coder” to the world of Raspberry Pi. So what is this coder?

Coder will help you to develop (for learning proces mainly) web apps from your computer while keeping Raspberry pi as a server which is hosting the apps you create. So remember following stuff carefully

  1. You will not directly see a Google Coder GUI on Raspberry Pi (It’s only a server)
  2. You will develop your apps in chrome browser connected to the same local network
  3. As you might have guessed already, Raspberry Pi and your local machine should be on same local network

Having said that let’s see how to set it up on windows

  1. Download the coder
  2. Burn the .img file to your sd card (I assume you have already did it before)
  3. If you are on windows download and install Bonjour Print Services (It’s just 5MB)
  4. If you are on Mac then you are good to go. Nothing to install
  5. Connect your Raspberry pi to your local area network (the router or wifi network)
  6. Boot up your Raspberry Pi (Use pi and raspberry as username and password)
  7. Connect your windows/mac machine to the same local area network (heck yeah to the same router or wifi network)
  8. Open your chrome browser
  9. Navigate to http://coder.local
  10. You will get an ssl error (don’t worry proceed)
  11. Google coder will ask for password, enter them
Login Screen for Google Coder for Raspberry pi

Login Screen for Google Coder for Raspberry pi

Login confirmation again

Login confirmation again

Phew that’s it. Now you must see the screen below

Google coder app is running from Raspberry Pi server

Google coder app is running from Raspberry Pi server

Here is a small experiement video

Update 16-9-2013
I found that after running the coder for the first time, I can’t ssh to my Raspberry Pi anymore. The default password won’t work any more. Took me a while to figure out that the SSH password is changed to the password you provided when setting up the coder via chrome.

I found that for some machines even after installing the Bonjour it won’t show up the coder home page. Took me a while to figure out that, the machine already had Bonjour but it was disabled from the start up programs. type “msconfig” in run and enable and restart your machine.

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