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Firefox 3.5 is Ready!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here by I’m giving you the happy news “Firefox 3.5 is available for download”.

Happy news is it’s available in both Tamil and Sinhala :)

Firefox giving us five reasons why you should upgrade to Firefox 3.5

1 Security
2 Performance
3 The Awesome Bar
4 Better Bookmarking
5 Password Manager

Why still waiting?? Go grab your copy of Firefox 3.5

Do you know Google Chrome is now available in Tamil?

Google launches internet browser

Google's Browser Chrome

Google's Browser

Browser war, it’s a never ending war. Earlier IE managed to smack down Netscape Navigator. Recently Firefox started to bring IE down and many people started to use Firefox. Indic users got more advantage in Firefox 3 due to its support to Unicode fonts.

Currently hot news is Google launching a new browser and its going to be the new war front for browser war. Google named its browser as chrome, which is an open source web browser. Currently browser is launched in 100 countries and soon Google will release Mac, Linux version of this browser.

From users point of view, yeah.. That’s good for us. We are gonna enjoy this war and get maximum out of it :)

Let’s wait and see who will win the game.

Firefox 3 Download Campaign

Finally the Firefox download day has come. It seems people all over the world flocking into Mozilla to download a copy of new Firefox 3. I downloaded one and so far it gave me a nice browsing experience. It gives much faster browsing experience compare to its predecessors.
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