Download free PALS Tamil e-DICTIONARY

Today read the post of Ravi on Tamil dictionaries and thought of sharing the download link of Palani appa bro English – English – Tamil dictionary. You can use this dictionary as Tamil – Tamil – English too.

Also please not that you can type using Tamil 99 layout in this dictionary but they are not using Unicode encoding so you can’t copy paste the text directly from Dictionary.

Download PALS Tamil e-DICTIONARY

If you have font issue try the steps below via vengakateshan

I found the solution for windows7OS after long try… here am sharing this to you all.
here it is…
1. install setup file as usual.
2. install msvbvm50.exe(visual basic virtual machine)
3. grand all user rights to this file(c:\windows\system32\win2sys.dll)
right click that file amd click properties, go to security tab, grand full control to user.Here you can download “msvbvm50.exe” –

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  1. Abikrishna

    Please can any one tell me how to install tamil fonts, it says that “font failed to install”.I am using Windows 7 If you guide me it will be helpful for me thanks in advance,so kindly sent my email id
    sent my id:-

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