Part 2 : Create the template using WordPress Ultimatum Theme

In the first part of the series, we learned how to set up the Ultimatum Theme framework on your WordPress instance. In this part we’ll create our basic theme using the Ultimatum Theme framework.

Create the first WordPress Ultimatum theme

In the left side WordPress menu, you should see the name of the Child theme we created and activated in the last part. Simply click on it and select Template.




Click the Add New button on the top



Now you will be presented with a form. It’s key that you select Bootstrap as grid framework and template type as responsive. You may follow me and fill the form as shown below. (Click on the image to enlarge it)




Click Save Template. Once the form is saved, click the back button and navigate back to template screen.

Now you should be able to see the template you just created. Hover your mouse pointer over the tempalte you just created and select set default.



If you visit your site now, still you would see an empty page. Fear not, we have more work to do :)

Now click the layout link shown on the template we just created.


Full layout Vs Partial layout

Let’s catch up a bit on layouts. One Ultimatum WordPress template can have multiple layouts. Layouts can be categories into two main section.

  1. Partial layout
  2. Full layout

Partial Layout is basically part of the layout. E.g. Footer, header etc.

Full layout is the complete layout set-up for your template. Another point about Full layout is that you can import partial layouts into Full layout. Though you can’t do it otherway around.

Let’s create our first full layout and preview our site.

Click the Add New button on the top and fill the form as below



Click the Save button. Now you will be presented with a familiar widget based screen. Before creating our first layout, let me tell you a word about Rows.

Ultimatum theme makes it easy for us to create rows in our template. For example, we can create row’s with 2 columns or rows with 3 columns or even more. Simply click the insert row link on the top and observe the screen. It will make sense to you. At the moment we need a row that is taking 100% of our screen.


  1. Click insert row
  2. Select 100% row
  3. Scroll down and click insert

Now your screen should look like below



Now we are going to do something more interesting.

On the right side, you will see many widgets. Drag the Default WordPress Loop widget into the new row we just inserted.



Click the Save button on the widget and click the save layout button on the top.

Did you re-load your site and checked it? hold it tiger, you are not yet ready. Now click Back to layout screen link on the top

Just like you did for the template, hover over your layout and select set default.

Now go visit your site. Check it out, how awesome it is. You have just created your first WordPress template without writing a single line of code. :)


We’ll explore more advance tips in the next part of this series.

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  1. Hi Jay! Your step-by-step method for using Ultimatum template was very useful. How can I access further parts of webpage designing with the Ultimatum theme?


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