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As says, blogger have more users than Here in this post I’m not going to compare self hosted WordPress and Blogger. Self hosted WordPress is highly customizable but you can’t customize as you wish (as a free user).

To make it fair I’m going to compare Blogger and, because both of this blogging services are free. Blogger is owned by internet giant Google and is owned by Automattic.

You can’t customize the theme or CSS in If you really wanna edit those CSS files then you need to pay and get the permission. Personally I think you can buy a hosting for that money. In the other hand blogger offer you the opportunity to customize the template as you wish. XML enabled blogger themes helps no-voice user to edit CSS and design the layout as they wish without paying a penny.

To avoid SPAM comments you may enable Random Letters protection, but most of the users around blogosphere found it more irritating and annoying. is helping you to hunt down SPAMS using a technology ASKIMET. It’s very effective and it’s almost catching SPAMS.

Earlier didn’t support that Visitors’ stat. It means you don’t know how many people visited your blog, where in Blogger you can use almost any third party stat counter in your blog. Now also offering a wonderful stat tool which you can use also in yourself hosted blog.

You can use your customized header both in Blogger and, but when you’re using make sure the theme you use can supports the customizable header. Some themes don’t support this feature.

You can’t embed any JavaScript in your blog that means you can’t use third party blogging tools such as stats, feedburner’s email delivery, Pay Per Post, Adsene etc. As I said earlier you can embed almost anything in Blogger by editing the theme.

Incase if you want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress, then got wonderful tool that can help you to migrate your posts, author even categories, but Blogger doesn’t have such feature where you can migrate your posts from another Blogging platform.

It is said that Blogger offering unlimited storage for image storing where offering 3GB (not a bad size) space for your blog. I’m using blog for 2 years and my blog still has not reached even 100MB so I don’t think 3GB will be a problem. It’s more than enough.

An optional excerpt is another advantage in You can show the real punching line in your home page and make user to read the full post. This feature is not available in Blogger.

Now both Blogger and offers widget, so it doesn’t make much difference among both of them.

If you’re an advanced programmer or a person who’d like to play around with codes then please go for restricts you from editing theme, CSS codes. In the other hand if you really wanna play around with WordPress themes, code, CSS then go for a self hosted WordPress account or become a premium member by paying to

In my personal opinion I think, if can allow embedding external scripts and allows editing the CSS and themes then it’ll be a much better choice than the Blogger. We can’t predict anything. May be in future will remove the restrictions.

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  1. Very useful post. I have been looking for a comparison between wordpress and blogger, but most posts compared self hosted wordpress and blogger. Not a very fair comparison since most new users will use either or

    It’s really a shame that doesn’t allow one to use new templates like blogger does. And of course the ability to run Javascript on blogger gives it an edge compared to

  2. @Manish Mohan
    Yes Manish, itz a real shame. Hipe will take initiations to come out of this.

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