WordPress 3.9 Update Goes Live

Check out the video below to see the changes that you would get with WordPress 3.9. 3.9 introduces many updates that target the media experience. This includes enhancements to image editing, gallery management, audio play list management and much more. Ultimatum framework Support for WordPress 3.9 If you are Ultimatum framework user for WordPress then […]

Create WordPress Theme with Ultimatum – New Udemy Course

Create WordPress Theme with Ultimatum (No Coding) is my first ever premium udemy course. Currently the course is active and being consumed by over 600 active students. Above all many students have given it 5 star rating Though I could sell the course well above 50 USD, I priced it at 9 USD as I’d […]

Ultimatum framework Coupon (over 45% discount)

Currently there is a deal running at Mighty Deals for Ultimate WordPress theme. With this Ultimatum framework coupon you can get a discount of over 45% discount. If you are not familiar with Ultimatum framework, it’s a framework that allows you to create WordPress themes without touching the code. If you are more interested in […]

Part 2 : Create the template using WordPress Ultimatum Theme

In the first part of the series, we learned how to set up the Ultimatum Theme framework on your WordPress instance. In this part we’ll create our basic theme using the Ultimatum Theme framework. Create the first WordPress Ultimatum theme In the left side WordPress menu, you should see the name of the Child theme […]

Check for NULL values in NSString

You can easily check for null values in NSString, and if the value is null then assign a predefined string. By doing so, you can prevent your iOS app from crashing //some crazy conversion from webservice NSString *description = [[results objectAtIndex:i] valueForKey:@”feedbackdescription”]; //let’s handle the null if (description == (id)[NSNull null] || description.length == 0 […]

nginx and WordPress 403 forbidden error

I’ve been using nginx for our server and tried installing WordPress on it. Everything worked as expected and all of a sudden I started to see this error 403. After searching a while figured out that I need to enable auto listing for nginx. location /wordpress { autoindex on; autoindex_exact_size off; autoindex_localtime on; } Did […]